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This Crazy Wrap Thing (otherwise known as It Works Global) has become the talk of the weight loss industry as excited customers share testimonials of losing incredible in inches in only 45 minutes. It Works Body Wraps was a virtually unknown product less than 4 years ago, but has now taken the social media world by storm.

Customers from all over the country have posted real time shocking before and after photos as visible proof that the It Works Body Wraps really Works.

Ronelle Jacques of Fatty Girl Body Wraps has just announced a partnership with It Works Global as an Independent Distributor of the It Works Global products. Fatty Girl Body Wraps located in New Orleans Louisiana now specializes in the distribution of It Works Ultimate Body Applicator and facial products. Through her website http://www.FattyGirlWraps.com customers now have access to complete It Works Global product line.

Ronelle Jacques says she is very excited to join the It Works Global family and informed us that her business Fatty Girls Wraps started reaping the benefits of becoming an independent distributor almost immediately.

“From the first day of offering the It Works Body Wraps to my clients, almost immediately I knew we were on to something big. Within the a four hour span of notifying my current clients that I now offer the Body Wrap Applicators, six of them purchased product right there on the spot. I am still shock by the overall response to It Works Body Wraps.”

It works Global Body Contouring Applicator
Founded in 2001, It Works! Global is an innovative leader in the direct sales/network marketing industries that offers health, wellness, and skin care product lines that produce instant results. It is widely recognized for their world’s first-to-market product, the It Works! Wrap—a contouring product that can tighten, tone, and firm any area of your body in as little as 45 minutes.

Direct Selling News, based in Lake Dallas, Texas, ranked the local It Works Global 56th on its list, citing $200 million in annual sales. It Works! Global sells dietary supplements and weight loss body wraps to independent distributors worldwide who, in turn, sell the products to consumers. Earlier this year, It Works — one of Southwest Florida's fastest-growing companies — bought a new 36,000-square-foot headquarters overlooking the Manatee River in Palmetto.
Fatty Girl Wraps even offers free delivery to customers looking for It Works Body Wraps in New Orleans, Mandeville, and Metairie Louisiana. For more information on where to purchase It Works Global Body Wraps please visit http://www.FattyGirlWraps.com

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